About us

Elite United was formed in 2016 under the name Sporting Real. The football team was set up as a feeder club to Real de Banjul; one of the most popular clubs in The Gambia. William Abraham, President of Real de Banjul, wanted to secure future talent for his club competing in the GFA League First Division and so Sporting Real served as the second team for Real de Banjul. The aim of Sporting Real was to develop the young Gambian players and prepare them for the Gambian first division.

Sporting Real started off in the GFA League Third Division; they achieved astonishing success and secured promotion from the Third Division to the First Division in just three seasons. Their success is even more impressive considering that the team is mainly made up of young players. In 2019, William Abraham sold Sporting Real, at which point the club was given its new name: Elite United.