Ensa Marong

Ensa has the ability to mix it up by attacking the opponents as well as tackling back to stop the opponents. He is very strong aerially and is regarded in the league as one of the best headers of the ball.

Alieu Gibba

Alieu displays good positional awareness and anticipation of the opponent’s play. His marking, tackling and
interceptions are exceptional.

Muhammed Jobe

Jobe has the ability to inspire his team-mates through his determination and drive them to success through
the sheer force of character. He’s also creative and super talented.

Essa Sallah

His passing is clean and precise, and his movement ensures he is always available as an
outlet when his team-mates need to offload the ball.

Kutubo Sanyang

He had tremendous vision and accuracy in his passing and good dribbling ability to enable him to find space for his incisive strikes.